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From rental agreements and arranging delivery, through to carpet and curtain queries, find the answers to your questions below. Alternatively, talk to your local team for information specific to your area.

Are your cabins available for purchase?

No, we only offer portable cabins for rent.

What areas do Just Cabins service?
We have local teams in pretty much all areas of New Zealand, and if there isn’t a designated local team near you, we’ll do our best to get a cabin to your place.
What sizes are Just Cabins?

We have three different sizes of cabin, with the following dimensions:

  • Standard cabin is 3.6m long x 2.4m wide
  • Large size cabin is 4.2m long x 2.4m wide
  • Extra-large cabin is 4.8m long x 2.4m wide

CLICK HERE to find out more about our cabins, their quality features and floor plans.

How high are Just Cabins?
You will need at least 3.3m height clearance (from trees, powerlines or house eaves).
How wide do I need the access to be?

Entry access should be 2.7m wide so the cabin can be towed onto your site.

What if access is too narrow?

We can arrange a hiab to lift our cabin over most obstacles, such as carports, fences, and retaining walls.

How much room will I need for my cabin?

You will need approximately 5m x 3m of reasonably level ground (our cabins can sit on uneven terrain). If you’re unsure, site checks are available in some areas to ensure this – please talk to your local team to find out how they can help.

How do I connect the power?

We supply a long heavy duty lead with your cabin. This can be plugged into any normal three pin power point in your home (or, if you are building, you can use the builders pole/box).

What electrical access does it have?

Each cabin has either two or three double power points, one or two internal light(s) and one exterior light. All our cabins come with an Electrical Warrant of Fitness, a switchboard and smoke alarm for your safety and protection.

Are the cabins painted?

Yes, all cabins are fully painted, inside and out.

What colours are they?

All cabins come in neutral shades, such as Sisal (a light cream colour) and look great for any home or office extension.

Is a bond required?

Yes, the bond varies depending on the size of the cabin you choose and the area in which you are based. However, it is usually no more than $300. At the end of the hire, when the cabin is returned in excellent condition, your bond will be refunded.

Do you deliver the cabins?

Yes, we tow the cabins to you. We will set your cabin up so it is completely level on your site. If you want your cabin shifted or moved (e.g. if you’re moving house), we will do this for a small fee. Please do not move or tow the cabin yourself.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. Delivery includes placement and levelling of your cabin, as well as collection at the end of your lease. Delivery costs range from $150 to $500. Please talk to your local team to discuss.

Do the wheels stay on?

Yes, in most instances. We just remove the drawbar, so it does not get in your way and also optimises your available space.

Do they have curtains?

All our cabins come with curtains.

Do they have carpet?

Yes. All of our cabins come with high quality, durable carpet that creates a warm and comfortable space.

What could I fit inside a Just Cabin?

This varies between the three sizes we have to offer. CLICK HERE to find out more about our cabins, their quality features and suggested floor plans.

Is there a minimum rental period?

In most cases there is, however this varies between teams around the country. For more information, contact your local team.

What do I do when I’m finished with my Just Cabin?

As long as you’ve completed your minimum rental period set down by your local team, you only need to give one calendar months’ written notice to remove your cabin.

Is there a collection fee?


Do I get my bond back?

Provided you have returned your cabin in a clean and undamaged condition, your bond will be refunded.

When can you deliver one to me?

We can usually deliver within days. Talk to your local team to confirm availability or call 0800 587 822 (0800 JUST CABINS).

How do I order a cabin?

You can order your cabin online – click here to start our rental application form. Select where you want the cabin to be delivered, then fill in your details and submit to us. We will contact you to confirm the delivery time and date. It’s that simple!

Will I need a building consent?

Consents are subject to local council regulations and we recommend you seek guidance and clarification from your local council before renting a Just Cabin.

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