Cabin Uses.

Sleepout or Bedroom.

Why go to the expense and inconvenience of constructing an extra room when you can simply rent a cozy, warm, and secure portable sleepout for the duration you require? Whether it is kids or university students returning home or blended families, relatives or friends needing extra space for a specific period. Or your teenager wanting their own space, Just Cabins has a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

All our cabins and sleepouts are comfortable, peaceful, and are fully insulated with quality carpet, thermally backed curtains and windows and doors equipped with safety locks for your peace of mind.

Office Space.

Just Cabins are ideal for home offices, site offices, administration offices as well as offering additional storage space for commercial businesses.

Frequently used as security posts or offices for event officials as well as accommodating additional administration staff, our portable cabins have a wide range of uses. Regardless of the intended use, all our cabins provide a secure locking mechanism and effective soundproofing for optimal privacy.

The cabins are securely positioned, guaranteeing exceptional stability when occupants are moving about inside. Each cabin has two double power outlets and has ample space for an office desk and meeting table. Plus, our cabins are fully insulated, have quality carpets and curtains ensuring a comfortable, dry and secure working environment.

Commercial use.

Our cabins are ideal for many commercial purposes such as offices, consulting rooms, businesses and more. Public services, including healthcare centres, emergency services and utility providers occasionally require additional space on their existing premises or need to establish a new facility for a specific event or project like Flu vaccination clinics or First Aid posts.

Our portable cabins are also used for commercial businesses that can be positioned at any address, providing an ideal alternative to leasing a commercial building.

Opting for our cabins proves to be a cost-effective alternative to building additional rooms. In most instances, there is no need for Council consents or permits and they can be rented for long-term or short-term depending on the need.

Worker accommodation.

We fully adhere to all accommodation compliance requirements and regulations for employers participating in the RSE scheme. Typically, one or more cabins can be swiftly set up on-site to serve as temporary lodging for seasonal workers, including fruit pickers.

With a focus on providing cost-effective solutions, we offer top-notch, budget-friendly portable accommodations right at your workplace precisely when you require them. Our delivery and installation can be timed to coincide with your workers’ arrival, and we can retrieve the cabins a few days after they complete their assignments. This approach ensures your company is left with a clean, undisturbed site and minimizes environmental impact.


Our cabins offer a cozy, secure area precisely positioned on your school grounds or institutional property.

Embraced by office personnel, educators, and students alike, these cabins can be situated near or apart from the primary buildings. They serve as excellent offices, workspaces, and security checkpoints. Additionally, they prove valuable as sick bays or for specific school events. Our cabins provide a healthy and secure setting for any situation that may be needed, and they are exempt from permitting requirements.

Spare rooms or Storage.

Having a portable spare room or a dedicated hobby space that could include a secure haven for toys, hobby supplies, and equipment offers tremendous convenience. This enables you to consolidate these items in a single location rather than having them scattered throughout your home. With secure door and window locks you can be reassured that all your valuable items will remain safe and secure.

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