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Feb 29, 2024

Why Are Portable Cabins So Popular?

There are plenty of reasons why portable cabins are gaining popularity. These are just some of the reasons why customers get in touch with us to rent a cabin:


Renovating a home or building a permanent structure can be expensive and time-consuming. Portable cabins offer an affordable alternative to gain space without having to engage a builder or pay for building materials. You simply pay a weekly rental cost for the duration of the rental period and that’s it!


Portable cabins can serve a wide range of purposes. They are just as suited for a bedroom space as they are for a home office area. That means they can easily transition for your needs. It might start out as a second living space and transition to a teenage retreat. Or a home office that could transition to a guest bedroom when needed.

Teenage Retreat


Home Office


Quick Access

Building a permanent structure at your place could take months, but a portable cabin can be delivered in a matter of days if your local branch has availability. Then, once our expert team are onsite to deliver, installation is quick and easy. As the cabin sits on its own trailer, it is simply a case of securing and levelling the cabin, then connecting it to power.

Temporary Solution

Portable cabins are perfect for short-term solutions, or open-ended house guests. In some cases, you may only need that additional space temporarily. For times like that, a short-term lease on a rental cabin is the perfect solution. We do have a minimum rental period, but once that is completed, you can return your cabin at any time by simply contacting your local office.

High Quality Amenities

Just Cabins portable cabins are all built to last from quality materials. They are also built to make you feel warm, safe and comfortable while inside. Fully insulated and carpeted they make a comfortable and functional space to live or work in. With multiple powerpoints, windows and a ranchslider entry, they are perfect for any need.

Well insulated for warmth and dryness


Quality Curtains and Carpet



No matter where you are in New Zealand, there is a Just Cabins office near you. That means we can provide you with portable space solutions from Northland to Southland and everywhere in between. Often, we will have cabins on hand ready to deliver as soon as you need. And if we don’t, there will only be a short wait while one is expertly constructed for you.

Cost Of Living Solution

It is no secret that the cost of living keeps climbing here in NZ. Sometimes it is too costly for family members or friends to go out and rent their own place. But a portable cabin on your property is an affordable way to have a safe and comfortable space to call home. A great way to combat the cost of living while still offering independence in their own private space.

Connecting Families

It is super easy to lose touch with family members or miss connecting as much as you normally would. But portable cabins are a fantastic way to bring families back together. They provide private space for family members to stay, right there on your own property. Keep your loved ones close all the time with some additional space.


Want A Portable Cabin At Your Place?

Does a portable cabin sound like the perfect solution for you? You can check out our available cabins on our website now or contact our friendly team with any questions you might have.