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Nov 29, 2022

What Can You Fit Inside A Portable Cabin?

There is nothing like the taste of a ripe tomato fresh from the vine

It can be hard to visualise exactly what you can fit into a cabin.

Will you be able to fit everything that you need in?

Well, let’s find out!

We’re going to explore what will fit into each of our different cabin sizes so you can see if they are going to work for your needs.

Here we go…


Standard Cabin

Our Standard Cabins measure 3.6m by 2.4m. They each have one window that is 1.2m wide and have a 1.8m ranchslider opening for plenty of light and easy entry.

These cabins are perfect as a sleepout, bedroom or home office. They can easily fit a double bed with a bedside cabinet on either side, a set of drawers and a desk, making the perfect guest room or teenage getaway. If you’d prefer, you can also set up the space with two single beds and a set of drawers also.

Prefer to create a living space? There’s plenty of room for a two or three seater couch with a small coffee table and TV unit. If it’s a home office space you need, you’ll be able to fit one large or two smaller desks with storage.

Check out some layout examples here:


Large Cabin

Our Large Cabins measure 4.2m by 2.4m. They each have one window that is 1.2m wide and have a 1.8m ranchslider opening for plenty of light and easy entry.

They are perfect for people who need a bit more space at home or as an office. They are commonly used as a spare bedroom or sleepout which can give friends and family the privacy they need when staying with you.

The large cabin can easily house a Queen sized bed, bedside table, set of drawers and a desk for a teenager, adult child or a couple. Or if the whole family is coming to stay, there is plenty of space for a double and single bed or a cot, with room for drawers or a dresser too.

If you are intending to use the space for business purposes, there is plenty of room for multiple desks and storage options, or use it as a meeting space for clients. You could also create a small salon or, beauty therapy space or a treatment table for physio or chiropractics.

Check out some layout examples here:


Extra Large Cabin

Our Extra Large Cabins measure 4.8m by 2.4m. They each have a double opening window that is 1.8m wide and have a 1.8m ranchslider opening for plenty of light and easy entry.

Need all the space? Then our extra large cabin is the perfect solution as worker accommodation, a large bedroom or an office space big enough for three people.

Housing a teenager or young adult? Then, furnish the cabin with a double bed, bedside tables, small couch, a dresser and a TV. Worker accommodation? You’ll easily fit two sets of bunk beds, or several singel beds space for storage.

What about an office space? You’ll have room for a large corner desk and a meeting table, or 3 separate work stations.

Check out some layout examples here:


Want To See It In Person?

Still not sure which size is right for you? Then, why not check out one of our cabins in person so that you can check the space available? You can also touch and inspect the quality and comfort of our cabins to see if it is perfect for your needs.

We have heaps of display cabins all over the country, so there is bound to be one relatively close to you. Simply enter your address here to find the closest display cabin to you.

Choosing a rental portable cabin offers convenience, affordability, and adaptability. Their portability means they can be quickly used as temporary housing, offices, or event spaces, without the challenges of traditional construction. These cabins are also designed for comfort, making them a easy choice. Also check out the available cabins to rent in Auckland.

Or, if you are ready to order your cabin and get started on filling it, enter your details here and our team will be in touch!

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