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Nov 24, 2022

What are Portable Cabins and Portacoms?

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What are Portable Cabins and Portacoms?

Portable cabins are prefab structures ready for immediate use. They are portable, providing an excellent temporary solution for accommodation, storage, site office, etc.

On the other hand, portacoms are modular buildings. They are assembled in standardized modules (typically two or more). These portable structures provide temporary and long-term solutions for homes and businesses like schools and hospitals.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Portable Cabin or Portacom

Are you planning to rent a portable cabin or portacom? Here are some essential factors to keep in mind.


Why do you want to rent a portable cabin should be one of the first considered factors when renting a portable cabin or portacom. As mentioned earlier, these prefab structures are suitable for various residential, commercial, retail, and industrial purposes. Some common areas of use include

·         Homes

·         Hospitals

·         Schools

·         Hotels

·         Clinics

·         Dormitories

·         Offices

Furthermore, you want to decide whether you want it for temporary or long-term use. A portable cabin is excellent for a quick solution. Conversely, you might need to rent a modular building if you want a permanent fixture for establishing a school, office, clinic, etc.

Key Features

Portable cabins and portacoms are excellent structures with incredible versatility. However, you should also check your options for other critical features like durability, flexibility, etc.

At Just Cabins, you can find solutions that are durable, flexible, and quick.


Our cabins are made with high-quality materials that ensure a sturdy home or office structure, depending on your specific needs. Ideally, portable cabins and modular buildings should be strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and mild natural disasters like earthquakes and storms. At Just Cabins, we deliver excellent durability that makes our cabins building quality comparable to conventional buildings.


Our portable cabins are incredibly flexible, meaning you can easily relocate, and remove them. These qualities increase their versatility, allowing more convenient use. Additionally, as they are on wheels   transportation is incredibly easy.


Our cabins are completely assembled, with all work done at the factories. In other words, you do not need to do anything when we install a cabin on-site. Hence, delivering and installing with Just Cabins is efficient and swift.


Next, considering the size of your portable cabin or portacom is a crucial consideration.

Cabins are generally small, which makes them easy to assemble and set up for immediate temporary use. On the other hand, portacoms are larger and more spacious, designed to mimic buildings.

That said, your choice comes down to your purpose or usage; it largely depends on how much space you need.

Benefits of Portable Cabins

Portable cabins offer many perks. Let us look at some reasons you should stop rethinking and rent one.

More Space

Do you need more space for accommodation or work? You may not have enough room in your house or be looking to open a studio or office. Portable cabins provide an easy and efficient way to extend existing space for your home or business.


Their cost-effectiveness is one of the top reasons more and more people are renting portable cabins. Amid rising inflation rates and housing prices, buying or renting space in a building can be incredibly expensive. Teenagers who want privacy but cannot afford high rents can rent a portable cabin to have a space of their own. Similarly, your new business can benefit from these inexpensive space solutions.

Easy Relocation

Portable cabins offer convenient relocation while preventing additional costs of transportation or damage. Do you want to move your business to a new location? Your cabin is easy to transfer from one point to the other.

Are you considering renting a portable cabin or portacom? The usage, key features, and size are essential factors you should bear in mind. Let us know your reasons for choosing a portable cabin, and book your order today. Give Just Cabins a call at 0800 58 78 22!

Here is our range of portable cabins for you.

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