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Feb 29, 2024

Using A Portable Cabin On Your Rental Property

As a landlord

As a landlord, sometimes you need more space at your rental property.
An easy alternative to undertaking major building renovations of the property is to rent a portable cabin.

Luckily, this is an easy option that will instantly generate better rental returns. Plus, if you rent with Just Cabins, we make the process super easy. We’ll tell you how right now.

What Is A Portable Cabin?

Portable cabins are premade structures that provide extra space at your place in an instant. They come fully constructed and ready to move into. They are referred to as ‘portable’ as they are easy to transport and set up in almost any location.

Portable cabins come in various sizes to serve the different purposes they are needed for. The most common uses for portable cabins at a rental property are:

●    Sleepouts or Temporary accommodation
●    Home office spaces
●    Gym or clinic spaces
●    Learning hubs
●    Storage facility
●    Worker Accommodation

Basically, portable cabins provide a flexible and convenient solution for people that need more space and need it in a hurry!

The Benefits Of Using A Portable Cabin As A Landlord

There are plenty of reasons why a portable cabin is a great space solution for your tenants. These are some of the advantages of utilising one at your place:

Attractive To Tenants

As you well know, space is a premium in a rental property. So, if you have an easy way to offer your prospective tenants more space, it is going to be incredibly attractive to them. Giving you the potential for an additional bedroom, living space or home office, a portable cabin increases the indoor footprint of your property. This increased attractiveness could also be reflected in the rent you can collect from your tenants, making it very beneficial for you.


Easily transportable, Just Cabins portable cabins are delivered to your rental property on a trailer. That means they can be easily positioned wherever you need them. It also means they can easily be removed if your needs (or your tenant’s) change. All without needing to dig holes or modify your rental property and no damage will occur to the ground around the cabin as it permanently sits up on its trailer frame.

Easily Installed

Because our cabins are pre-built and delivered on their own framing, the installation at your rental property is quick and easy. Our expert team will ensure the cabin is situated where you need it and is completely level before departing. They will also ensure power is connected, so they can be utilised the moment we leave!
Portable cabins are far quicker to install than traditional construction methods, saving you plenty of time and expenses.

Different Sizes

Everyone uses their cabin slightly differently, so that is why we have three different sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs. Our standard cabin is 2.4m x 3.6m and is the perfect bedroom space for a teenager, parent or visiting family member. Our large cabin measures 4.2m x 2.4m giving you enough space for multiple beds, or a bed and sitting area. And our extra large cabin is the most generous in size, measuring 4.8m x 2.4m, perfect for a home workspace.

The Amenities

Installing a portable cabin at your rental property gives you instant access to a warm and comfortable living space. Because it is fully insulated and carpeted, it is perfect for any use. Our cabins also come with opening windows and ranch slider access, all covered with thermal curtains to create a space suitable for any family member. To top it off, they come equipped with multiple powerpoints and a wooden deck to add to the functionality.

Cost Effective

Because we follow a simple weekly rental structure, our portable cabins are really easy to budget for. There are no hidden costs involved, what you are quoted is what you will pay. The only thing you’d need to factor in besides the weekly rental costs is a refundable security bond and a one-off delivery fee. That’s it!

No Long Term Commitment

Renovating your rental property is going to cause a lot of disruption, potentially creating downtime in your rental periods and any changes made are permanent. Plus, renovations can be really expensive to undertake, especially major ones like extending a property. By comparison, you can have a portable cabin installed almost instantly for a fraction of the cost.
You also have the option to only rent them when you need the space and remove them when you no longer require the space. While minimum rental periods do apply, you can end your cabin rental by simply notifying your local Just Cabins office.

Want A Portable Cabin At Your Rental Property?

Do your tenants need more space or does your property need greater functionality? Then a portable cabin could be the perfect solution for your rental property. You can check out our available cabins on our website now or contact our friendly team with any questions you might have.