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Aug 29, 2022

Upgrade Your Home Office Space Now

As a landlord

Do you work from home? Are you one of the many finding themselves propped on the dining table or trying to squeeze a desk into an already crowded home?

Stop making do. We have the perfect solution!

Why not take your work outside with one of our cabins? They’re a great way to add extra space to your home and get rid of all that office clutter.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your home study, or you simply worked from the dining table, couch or a desk in a bedroom for too long! Our cabins provide a great alternative to a standard home office by offering a quiet, peaceful, separate area to work.

Here’s how you can create the perfect home office space now.


The Hassle-Free Way To Get More Home Office Space

A sleepout or studio in the backyard makes for an ideal home office. New build not in the budget, or just not practical? Just Cabins provides portable cabins for rent – when, and for however long you need one.

All of our rental cabins include:


  • Quality carpet and curtains
  • Modern colour scheme and fittings
  • Multiple power points
  • Electrical WOF
  • 1.8m wooden deck with canopy
  • Outdoor light
  • Electrical lead to plug into power
  • Lockable ranch slider and window with security latch
  • Smoke alarm
  • Other customisable features, too – talk to your local franchisee for more information!

With that smoke alarm, outdoor light and lockable ranch slider, your new office space will be safe and secure.

We deliver to your site, position and level the cabin, and assist you in plugging it in to your home’s power. Each cabin is insulated, with carpet and curtains and has multiple power points, so all you need to do is add office furniture.

Choosing The Right Cabin


Make sure you can fit all of your work supplies into your workspace by choosing the right sized cabin. Just Cabins rent three sizes of cabins – standard, large and extra-large. Sizes start at 8.6m2 and go up to 11.5m2.

  • Our standard cabins work well for one-person home office setups.
  • Our large and extra-large cabins are perfect for a job that requires you to spread out a bit, or for sharing office space with a family member or two – or perhaps even having colleagues come and work with you. These generous cabins even provide enough space so that you can set up an area to meet with clients.

Practical Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

Wi-fi will likely be an essential component of a successful work day, so check out the wi-fi connectivity in the area where you’ll set up the cabin, as well as the amount of environmental noise around. Also, consider the natural light available in your plans for positioning the cabin.

Our tips for you:

  • Wi-Fi extenders can do wonders for expanding the reach of your home Wi-Fi.
  • Just Cabins are insulated, with carpet and a lockable ranch slider – all features to dampen outside noises.
  • Our cabins are rectangular in shape, so perfect for organising your office furniture in a practical way. You can even add screens or dividers to section the space.
  • Inject some personality into your cabin by decorating with colour, art and visual appeal so that you create a space with positive and productive energy.
  • Consider the placement of your cabin at your home – is it easy to get to and from even if it’s raining, is there a clear path for clients to come to your space?
  • If you run your own business, the cost of your cabin’s rental could be claimed as a deductible business expense, so it can make good sense for your finances.
  • Our team can help you every step of the way – including positioning your cabin for optimal natural light.

Support From Just Cabins


Considering setting up a Just Cabins cabin as a home office space?

We’re with you every step of the way. Your local Just Cabins team will guide you through the process of finding the right-sized rental cabin that suits your home office needs and the space you require. They’ll arrange delivery of your new portable cabin to your property and set it up safely and securely.

Contact us today!

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