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Feb 27, 2023

The Perfect Accommodation For University Students

As a landlord

Living costs have been steadily rising and those on tighter budgets are starting to feel the effects of this. University students especially.

In fact, you may know a Uni student or two looking for sleepout for rent right now.

The way that Univerity learning takes place has evolved in recent years, so a private space to focus on online learning and studying is essential.

A portable rental cabin could just be the perfect accommodation solution for your University student. Here’s why:

The Perfect Accommodation For University Students

A portable rental cabin can be a great accommodation option for your university student for several reasons:


Rental cabins are often more affordable than other types of housing (especially with home and room rental costs skyrocketing in main university cities). With uni students often being on a tight budget, affordability is a big benefit!


Portable rental cabins can be easily transported and set up in almost any location. This makes them a flexible accommodation option for students who may need to perch their cabin on the properties of friends or family.


A cabin can provide a private living space, which can be important for students who need a quiet place to study and rest. As our cabins can all be connected to an electricity supply, they are an excellent, private workspace for studying and attending online classes.


Your Uni student will be comfy and cozy inside our cabins. Equipped with basic amenities such as carpet, curtains, insulation, lighting and electrical outlets, it creates a comfortable living space for students.


Rental cabins allow students to live independently and take responsibility for their own living arrangements, which can be an important part of the university experience.

Still at Home:

Whilst offering a degree of independence, your uni student is still technically living at home on your property. That means you can stay in touch with them daily, know that they are safe and keep the important family connections alive.

How To Get A Cabin For Your Uni Student

Need accommodation for a university student? Then, let us help you do it. A Just Cabins rental cabin will give you the perfect space to create a private and independent space for your student!

Simply get in touch with the Just Cabins team now. Enter your contact details and our local team will be in touch to discuss the perfect cabin size for your needs. If you’d like to see one of our cabins in the flesh, you can simply enter your address here and find the nearest display cabin to your location.

Any questions, simply get in touch with the friendly Just Cabins team.

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