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Aug 2, 2021

Rent a Sleepout to Solve Your Space Problems

As a landlord

Thinking of building a sleepout but you’re not sure if it would be worth the hassle? 

Why bother? Just Cabins has the solution – portable rental sleepouts.

What can you do with a sleepout?

Have teenagers? Get a sleepout for their bedroom.

Family or friends coming to visit? Get a sleepout to give them privacy.

Need quiet office space? Get a sleepout to get out of the house.

Want an undisturbed place to practice your art or hobby? Make your own tranquil workspace with a sleepout.

Sleepouts give you many options. Generate extra income by renting it out – decorate with solar lights, plants, some outdoor-friendly cushions, and you have a perfect weekend stay for tourists. Create your own peaceful yoga studio or exercise room, or just a quiet nook away from the main house. The use is only limited by your imagination!

Why build when you can rent? No consents, no contractors, no rotting eyesore when the kids no longer need it, or you’ve abandoned your hobby. Just Cabins have portable cabins for rent and deliver to your site – elevated and levelled, and ready to plug in to your home’s power. Each cabin is insulated, with carpet and curtains and has multiple power points, so all you need to do is dress it up it with whatever furniture you want.


Our cabins have a wooden deck and canopy, so it is a pleasant space no matter what the weather. With a smoke alarm, outdoor light and lockable ranch slider your space is safe and secure.


Just Cabins sleepouts for rent come in three convenient sizes.

·        Standard: 3.6m x 2.4m

·        Large: 4.2m x 2.4m

·        Extra-large: 4.8m x 2.4m


The large unit comfortably fits a queen size bed with drawers and a desk to give your visitors or teenagers a well-kitted private space. The extra-large unit is a big enough office space for 3 staff, or a comfy living space that easily fits a double bed, couch and drawers.


Whether you need more space at home or want to grow your home-based business, Just Cabins has the right sleepout to rent no matter where in New Zealand you are located. Our reasonable weekly rates remove the cost barrier for you to start enjoying your extra space today.

Check out the range of sleepouts for rent here and the portable cabins available.

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