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Nov 27, 2023

Give Your Furniture New Life With These Upcycling Ideas

Furniture starting to look a bit boring?

Maybe your current pieces don’t fit with the look you are trying to achieve.

Or, perhaps some pieces have seen better days.

Fear not! Upcycling is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your existing furniture pieces while reducing waste. Try some of these ideas to create really personalised pieces in your living space.


1: Get Out The Paintbrush

One of the easiest ways to upcycle is to simply give the piece a new coat of paint or stain. Make sure you prepare the surface by sanding lightly and filling any holes. Simply adding colour, a different shade of stain or chalkboard paint can completely transform the look of a piece.


2: Change The Hardware

Swapping out the handles, knobs or pulls on draws and cupboards can give your furniture an entirely new character. Remember to check that the size is going to be appropriate for your intended piece and choose hardware that fits with your overall design aesthetic.


3: Reupholster

Breathe new life into chairs, sofas and ottomans by covering them with fresh fabric. It instantly updates the look of your furniture and allows you to customise it to your existing decor. You could also go in another direction and make a singular piece into a statement item or visual pop of colour.


4: Accent It Up

If your furniture is feeling a bit boring, use decorative elements like stencils, appliques or moulding to enhance the look of it. These creative additions can add character and detail to a piece that would otherwise be quite plain.


5: Decoupage Or Vinyl

For a quick, easy and affordable solution, try adding adhesive vinyl to change the look of a piece. You can get affordable options from places like Kmart, The Warehouse or Temu for a quick visual impact. Or, if you are particularly crafty, you might want to try your hand at decoupage, which is the art of adhering decorative paper, fabric, or maps to the surface of your furniture pieces. This will result in a truly personalised item.


6: Convert And Adapt

Just because a piece of furniture started its life in one way, doesn’t mean it needs to live out its days in that way! Converting the functionality of a piece will give you heaps more use from it. Think about turning a ladder into a bookshelf, a dresser into a kitchen island, a baby cot into a workstation, or a crate into a side table.




7: Combine And Repurpose

How about merging different furniture pieces to create something new? An old door and some table legs could form a new desk, or a dresser drawer could become a wall shelf. Get creative with what you have and the end result could be amazing.


8: Add Function

There is never enough space or storage in your home, right? So, why not add some additional function to your existing pieces to get more out of them? Try adding baskets or shelves to your coffee table to create additional storage, or add hooks to the side of your dresser for hanging bags, scarves or jewellery.


9: Create A Focal Point

Paints, patterns and textures can be the perfect way to highlight specific pieces or areas of your furniture. You could add a surprise pop of colour by painting the inside of your dresser drawers in a vibrant shade or add a decorative pattern to the side or back of a bookshelf.


10: Distress Or Age Pieces

One design look is to weather or age your furniture pieces. You can achieve a vintage appearance by distressing the edges and other surfaces via sanding, adding dents and strategic scratches, or using specific paints or painting techniques.


Love these upcycling ideas? Then, keep an eye on our blog for more great design tips for small spaces.