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Aug 29, 2022

Get More Teen Space At Your Place

The popularity of intergenerational living is on the rise! No matter how much you love your family

Do you have teenagers living at your place?

As kids become teens, it can be tougher for them to find the space they need at home.

Sometimes it seems like they just need more of everything: more room, more privacy, more sleep, more time to study, more space for socialising and entertainment. It can be frustrating trying to achieve this at home.

A lack of space and resources with a teenager means:

– A crowded house

– Bad moods

– No peace and quiet

– More housework

– More stress (for them – and you!)

Have you considered setting them up with their own space – in your backyard?


How To Create More Space – Without The Hassle


Want a sleepout, retreat or studio for your teen, but put off by the time, investment and hassle involved in building a permanent structure in your own backyard?

And what will you do with it when they eventually move out?

Just Cabins rent cabins on an as-needed basis, so there’s no permanent commitment on your part. Rent one of our three cabins for the time you need it only. Plus, they’re easy to transport, so delivery is fast and set up is a breeze, even on uneven terrain.

Just Cabins: The Ideal Teenage Sleepout Space

Just Cabins can provide the ideal extra space to give your teenagers some more room to sleep, study, play computer games, watch TV and movies, and to hang out with their friends without other family members always being present.

Just Cabins cabins aren’t just basic boxes. They’re welcoming rooms that are ready for your teen, with comfort and safety features included. Just Cabins are built on wheels, so air flows freely underneath, for a drier, warmer environment. Plus, they are insulated and furnished with quality carpet and curtains. All your teen needs to do is move their stuff in (and out of your house!).

All Just Cabins cabins include:

– Quality carpet and curtains

– Modern colour scheme and fittings

– Multiple power points

– Electrical WOF

– 1.8m wooden deck with canopy

– Outdoor light

– Electrical lead to plug into power

– Lockable ranch slider and window with security latch

– Smoke alarm



Style It For Them


Any model of Just Cabins cabin can be turned into a perfect teen retreat with very little effort. We offer three sizes of cabins which start at 8.6m2 and go right up to 11.5m2. Your local Just Cabins team will guide you through the process of finding a rental cabin that suits your teen’s needs and your available space, as well as delivering your new portable cabin to your property and setting it up safely and securely.

Then it will be up to you and your teen how to set it up to suit them. Some ideas:

Couch, comfy chairs or beanbags – try op shops, Facebook Marketplace, or perhaps someone in the family has hand-me-down furniture to donate?

TV – something they can save up for, or maybe someone in the family is ready to upgrade their set?

Gaming console – if they’re into gaming, their own cabin is the ideal place to enjoy this.

Bed – move their childhood bed in, or maybe it’s time to size up to a double?

Study desk and chair – set up an ideal quiet place for them to study.

Mini fridge – they can keep their favourite snacks and drinks on hand, and not always be raiding your fridge!

However you set it up, a Just Cabins cabin is the ideal solution to provide teens with more space as they start to gain independence. Contact us today to find out more about getting more ten space at your place!

Check out these cabin location options:

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