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Jul 15, 2021

Five Ways to Turn Your Rental Cabin into a Productive Home Office

The popularity of intergenerational living is on the rise! No matter how much you love your family
If you want to reap the rewards of working from home, but don’t have the space and are sick of working at the dining room table, a rental cabin can be just what you need. When set up and styled properly, a portable cabin can be transformed into the perfect home-based office. Here’s how to do it right.
Prioritise comfort
To be efficient, your workspace needs to be comfortable. That means warm in winter and cool in summer. It means enough light to see without squinting, even on a cloudy day. It means a good desk chair and an ergonomic screen set up. By prioritising comfort in your rental cabin, you’ll be setting yourself up for the most productive home-based office possible. 
Embrace efficient furniture 
Choosing the right furniture helps immensely with workplace productivity, whether you are in a huge open-space office or a portable cabin. While aesthetics and comfort are important in any office, efficiency takes on new urgency when you’re working out of a rental portable office. Look for compact furniture that has dual purposes and doesn’t take up unnecessary space. And if you’re likely to have visitors or clients in your office, it’s important to give them somewhere to sit, so consider extra seating in the form of an additional chair, a small couch or a cosy armchair. 
Create space for breaks
Everyone needs to take a break from their work, if just to stretch your legs and give your eyes a rest from the screen. Even if your transportable cabin is close enough to home that you can pop in for a cuppa, it’s wise to create space inside your cabin where you can take micro breaks. To do this, have a book on hand, some weights for a mini workout or a little snack station. Decide how you prefer to take a break and set yourself up for success. Just make sure anything that can become a distraction has a secure place to stay out of sight when break time’s over. 
Clear the clutter 
For a smaller workspace to be productive, you need to keep everything tidy and organised. Hide computer wires away, keep shelves orderly and consider a corkboard to display to-do lists and important calendar dates. As long as everything has its proper place, a rental cabin can be more clutter-free and efficient than a large office space. 
And remember, decluttering is about habits as much as it is about systems, so make sure you always bring dishes into the house at the end of each workday, file paperwork promptly and leave your desk bare and ready for use the following day. 
Enforce a No PJs rule
It can be easy to roll out of bed, brew a coffee and wander over to your rental cabin – after all, there’s nobody there to give you a funny look for messy hair or funny clothes. But while this may be tempting, it can also get in the way of productivity. Get in the mindset of a working day and enforce a No Pajamas rule: it will help you create a boundary between home life comforts and work life efforts.  
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