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Aug 13, 2021

Five Unique Uses of a Portable Cabin

There are many reasons you might rent a cabin. Perhaps you need extra office space
There are many reasons you might rent a cabin – perhaps you need extra office space, a granny flat, or space for a visiting friend. But the uses for a portable cabin go far beyond the obvious. Just Cabin’s rentals are designed to offer additional space and they come with a host of benefits from home delivery across NZ to comfort to security. We’ve seen them used for all sorts of things – here’s five of our favourite outside-the-box uses for a portable cabin. 

An art studio

Do you want to pick up those paint brushes or try your hand at sculpting clay? If you’re keen to adopt a new creative hobby but fear getting paint on the couch, can’t concentrate next to the tv or just need a little bit of privacy, a transportable cabin could be the answer. Rent one of our cabins, lay down some drop sheets and set up a workspace solely dedicated to your art. It’s just what you need to unleash your creative side!
A classroom or study space
Whether you are home schooling your kids, working with a tutor or just want to offer a study space without distractions, hiring a portable cabin is the perfect solution. With power and smoke alarms, carpets and curtains, a cabin rental can offer your family an additional lesson space that is safe, warm and healthy. 
A fitness room
Getting to the gym isn’t always easy, whether it’s fitting it into your day or paying the exorbitant monthly fees. If you want to up your exercise regime but the gym just isn’t a possibility, why not create your own fitness space instead? Whether you’re partial to spin bikes or circuit training, yoga or Pilates, hiring a cabin
makes for a tailored fitness room right in your backyard. 
A home-based business
If you’ve got a small side hustle or a sizeable business like a massage therapy service, hairdressers or florist shop, a rental cabin is the perfect way to set up shop from home. With three cabin sizes to choose from, all complete with power points and carpets, modern colour scheme and lockable doors, rental cabins open up a world of possibilities when it comes to working from home. 
Extra storage space
Paying for temporary or long-term storage space can be an expensive hassle. If you are planning to move house, can’t quite part with the children’s old belongings or need to clear some space for a visiting family member, renting a cabin instead of leasing out a storage unit can be far more economical and efficient. Plus, everything you need is in your backyard, saving you trips back and forth to the storage yard. 
A workshop 
A mancave, a shed, a workshop – whatever you want to call it, a transportable cabin might be what you’re looking for. If your garage is full and tools, gardening gear or sporting equipment are starting to clutter your house, consider a rental cabin to keep things tidy, organised and securely stowed away. 
What unique needs do you have that can be met by a rental cabin? Let us know and order your portable cabin today by calling Just Cabins – 0800 58 78 22.  

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