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Jun 14, 2021

Five Reasons a Relocatable Office is Right for You

There are many reasons you might rent a cabin. Perhaps you need extra office space
An office can be so much more than a traditional corporate open plan rooms in your city’s CBD. It can be a temporary space on a construction site; a small cabin in your own backyard; or an external addition to an existing building. If you’re considering a new workplace, here are five reasons why a transportable office might be for you.
Relocatable offices are cost-effective
Offices are expensive and finding a space that ticks all the boxes can end up costing more than you anticipated. A far more affordable alternative to going down the traditional route is to rent a transportable office. A cabin is simpler to build than a permanent building, and their interiors are far easier to fit out and decorate, making the rental relocatable office much more cost-effective than a regular office space could ever be.
Your office will be ready quickly
If you need an office in a hurry, you probably don’t have time to wait for a new space to be fitted out. Even if your long-term goal is to have a permanent workspace, hiring a relocatable office gives you somewhere to work from right now. Whether you need an on-site office, a workspace for a pop-up event or just somewhere reliable to work while your dream office is being built, our cabins are usually ready to be shipped within days. 
It’s a great starter office 
For the many businesses that started in homes or garages, relocatable offices are perfect when you’ve outgrown the house but aren’t ready to commit to a long-term lease. They give you the space to work, keep your documents safe and secure, come in a variety of sizes, and can be set up in your very own backyard. 
Sustainable solutions
Rental cabins are a sustainable office option as building one requires fewer materials and produces less waste than a permanent structure. They are also energy-efficient which is both economical and environmentally friendly. If your business has an eco-slant, or you just want to make a minimal impact on the planet while you work, transportable offices are ideal. 
They look great, are comfortable and offer security
In addition to the benefits listed, our rental cabins make excellent offices because they’re comfy, safe and attractive, too. Our transportale offices for hire are all built out of superior quality materials and are fully insulated. They’re tastefully decorated with modern colour schemes and fittings and offer generous wooden decks and canopies. They come with carpet and curtains for a warm and cosy workspace; they can be positioned on your site to maximise the sun. Plus, they are safe and sound with smoke alarms and lockable doors and windows. 
If it’s time for a relocatable office, speak to the team at Just Cabins today.
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