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Sep 9, 2021

Five Factors that Make Our Portable Cabins Superior

The popularity of intergenerational living is on the rise! No matter how much you love your family

Are you trying to work from home but struggling to focus at the kitchen table? Do you have a grandparent coming to stay, but the bedrooms are all full? Do you want some extra space for a creative project, playroom, or storage? Whatever you need it for, the portable cabins at Just Cabins are the best in the biz – and here’s why.

Our cabins offer next level comfort

Whether you’re using a portable cabin to get some work done or house a visiting family member, you want a space that is comfortable. Our cabins all combine the natural sunlight streaming in with high quality lighting within the walls. The cabins come with easy-to-open sliding doors and latched windows to let in a light breeze. They have good quality carpet and curtains to keep you warm, and overhanging doors for protection from the elements. Our cabins have been designed with comfort in mind and the result is a portable space that is light and airy, cosy and warm.

You’ll be safe and sound

We know that your rental cabin is an extension of your home, so we’ve designed them to offer optimal safety. Your cabin’s doors come with secure locks and the windows have security latches so you can keep the air flowing without worrying about unwanted guests.
And of course, every cabin is fitted with a smoke alarm. You’ll be safe and sound working, sleeping, or creating in your portable cabin.

They look great on your property

Your home is not a work site and Just Cabins has made sure it doesn’t look like one. These portable cabins are a far cry from the sheds you’d find on construction sites. Our cabins are modern and attractive, come in neutral colours, and are complemented by a tidy timber step out the front. It will make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property.

And they’re just as attractive inside

What do they say about beauty from within? We’re sure there’s a million quotes about inner beauty, and we’re on board with this philosophy which is why our portable cabins are all attractive and clean inside, with neutral colour schemes and modern design features. We want you to enjoy spending time inside your cabin and feel you can put your own personal touch on the place.

We deliver to your door

The Just Cabins family has local teams across NZ and can deliver our portable cabins pretty much anywhere in the country. We set your cabin up on your property for you, putting it on just the right spot and making sure the cabin is level for superior comfort and safety. We can usually deliver your cabin within days of ordering, and we pick it up again once your rental period has come to an end. 

To order your portable cabin today, book online or give us a call at 0800 58 78 22.

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