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Jun 22, 2022

Create Space At Your Place – Going To The Trees

It is easy to run out of space at home!

With the kids growing, family to care for, home office space to find, and a place needed for everyone to rest their heads.

One of the best solutions is to rent a Just Cabins space.

Warm, dry, well-insulated and able to be placed in your backyard, they are the perfect multi-use area to gain more space at your place.

Some people have been really creative with creating their own space by taking to the trees. So, let’s explore some of the coolest treehouses the world has to offer.

The World’s Coolest Treehouses:

1: Treehotel, Sweden

In Swedish Lapland, you can visit the Treehotel which contains 7 individual treehouse experiences – all different. These images show the UFO and Mirror Cube options:

2: Playa Viva, Mexico

Set on stilts, these bamboo sustainable pods make up the perfect resort getaway in Mexico.

3: Three Story Treehouse, British Columbia, Canada

This treehouse is the ultimate tribute to creating space as it is set over three levels! You can visit it in the Enchanted Forest in British Columbia.

4: Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

Set right here in NZ, you can take to the trees to celebrate events at this world-class venue

5: Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Ever slept in a ball before? Well, you can take to the trees and sleep inside these spherical treehouses in Vancouver, Canada.

6: Costa Verde 727 Fuselage Treehouse, Costa Rica

Part tree, part plane, this treehouse in Costa Rica allows you to take to the sky in a fun and unique way!

7: Treehouse For Birds And People (Japan)

Ever wondered how the birds live? Well, this cool treehouse experience helps you to find out! Divided into two parts by a wall with peek holes, you can see what the birds are up to on the other side!

Inspired to create more space at your place? Then, why not contact us to find out about our cabins. Unfortunately, they can’t be installed in a tree, but they will be able to solve your space issues on the ground!

Check out the range of sleepouts for rent here and the portable cabins available.

Check out these cabin location options:

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