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Jun 21, 2022

7 Ways To Save Power, Save Money This Winter



The weather’s getting colder and wetter, the lights are on longer and we’ve got the heater on. But, you can still save electricity if you are smart about it!

Check out Just Cabins' top tips and tricks to help you save power – and money – this winter.

1. Light Smarter

Turn off lights as you leave a room. You’ll save even more if you switch to LED bulbs. While a bit more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they use up to 85% less power. Plus, they have a longer life.


2. Save Water to Save Power


We know a hot shower can warm you up in winter, but hot water is expensive, so keep it quick! A handy tip is to stand in a plastic tub while you shower. Use the water collected in the tub to wash feet, shave legs and for the kids to play in!


3. Use Your Heat Pump the Right Way

Use the timer settings to switch your heat pump on just before you wake up or get home, and switch it off once you’re warm. Set the temperature between 18-21°C to keep away the damp and avoid bumping the temperature above 24°C as it chews through the power at higher temperatures. And forget “Auto” mode: it makes the heat pump switch between heating and cooling to maintain a steady temperature, which wastes energy.

4. Layer Up!

 When you go out, you rug up warm. At home, make it a habit to wear warm socks or slippers, a favourite jersey (wool or fleece is best) and trackies at home too. Keep cosy blankets on the couch, too. You’ll need the heater much less.

5. Proper Curtains Make a Difference

When you’ve got no curtains, or when you leave them open, you can lose up to 31% of your home’s precious heat out the window! That’s why our cabins come complete with curtains to keep you cosy. Open them to use the sun’s heat during the day, and close them at night to stop heat loss through the windows.


6. Switch the “Vampires” Off

TVs, computers and displays, printers, microwaves, and video game consoles drain energy even when they are on standby. Switch them off at the wall or even unplug them to stop the power drain – and save money.


7. Block Drafts

If you can feel cold air coming in, then warm air is escaping out! Use draft excluders under doors or draft excluding tape around windows to keep the warm air in your home.

Just Cabins set you up to save on power (and save money) while staying warm this winter. Our cabins are built on wheels so the air flows freely underneath, for a drier, warmer environment. They’re fitted with carpets and curtains to create a warm and comfortable space.

Get in touch with us  or  apply to rent a cabin now  if you need more warm indoor space this winter.

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