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Nov 27, 2023

10 Tips To Decorate For Christmas In A Small Space

Small space? Doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on the festive spirit!

There are plenty of ways you can decorate for Christmas in a small space without it feeling cluttered.

These are some of our favourites:


1: Don’t Clutter the Floor And Other Surfaces

It can be tempting to put cute Christmas knick knacks on every surface. But, this can have the effect of overwhelming your space. Instead, limit the amount of items you place on the floor and on top of shelves, dressers etc. Choose a few key items that will make a visual impact.


2: Use The Walls

When you have limited floor space, the wall is an awesome alternative. Try hanging wreaths, garlands or string lights for an instantly festive touch. You can even get really creative and make a stand-in Christmas tree on the wall using driftwood, felt or lights. Festive feel without compromising floor space!












3: Mini Tree

While full sized Christmas trees are impressive, sometimes there simply isn’t the palace to put one up. Why not compromise with a tabletop tree or a slimline version that will tuck into a corner easily?


















4: Choose A Scheme Or Theme

Using a specific visual theme or colour scheme can bring the decorations together in your space. This makes them look intentional and gives them a nice aesthetic while avoiding looking cluttered or overwhelming.


5: Multi-function decorations

By choosing decorations that have more than one purpose you can save space. Maybe a decorative bowl that could double as a fruit bowl or somewhere to keep your keys and wallet. Then, pop it in the middle of the table and you also have a centrepiece.






6: Decorate Outside The Box

A Christmas tree and wreaths are traditional decorations, but that doesn’t mean you have to put them up every year. You could make alternative decoration choices to suit your space. Holiday themed pillows, throws or curtains all created an Xmas vibe without taking up any additional space.


7: Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great at creating the illusion of more space at any time of the year. But, during the holidays, they can have the added festive power of reflecting twinkling lights and decorations. With a mirror, you can amplify the Christmas feel without adding extra decorations.


8: Go Up

We already talked about using your wall space to hang holiday items, but you can go vertical to maximise even more space. Consider hanging things from your ceiling or creating a decorative wall hanging from ribbons or festive artwork.


9: Rotate

You might not have space to put all your decorations out at once, so consider putting them on a rotation and use different ones each year. This keeps things fresh and exciting without cluttering your space.


10: Use The Windows

There are lots of cool ways that you can temporarily add Christmas cheer to your windows. Clinging decorations, fake snow, or even drawing your own creations with window pens. Then, simply wipe them away when Christmas is finished.


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